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We are on a mission to solve one of the most critical and life crippling issue in modern times, Water Shortage!
We have built a water management platform - WEGoT aqua, with an aim to reduce the water consumption by bringing about a much need behavioral change in the way people use water.
Having understood the promise of IoT, we have ventured to develop a sensor-based IoT device and a software platform that provides an end-to-end water management solution. WEGoT’s IoT based sensors enables real time, data driven & automated decision making to reduce the water demand & increase the efficiency of water infrastructure in buildings. WEGoT aqua tracks the usage at all consumption points & generates bills as per water usage. The sensor also detects & notifies leakages, broken pipes, abnormal usage in real time via mobile app and web dashboards. Once notified, the user can shut the leaks remotely, thus saving water from getting wasted in leakages. It enables people to be more accountable by making real time decisions to eliminate any inefficiency in the water infrastructure of buildings in the built environment.