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Vision Earthcare


Vision Earthcare (VEC) is the Premier Technology Provider providing design, specialties, project management, commissioning and O&M/AMC services for natural ecofriendly technologies developed by various Research Groups (Public and Private) variously known as Constructed Soil Filters (CSF) / Soil Bio Technology® (SBT®)/ Continuous Advanced Mite Utilizing System (CAMUS®) in the market. 

VEC provides Nature-Based Technologies for Sewerage and Sanitation which includes STP/ETP, Lake/Nallah Rejuvenation, Septage Management, Leachate Treatment and Solid Waste Management. The initial technology of Constructed Soil Filters (CSF) was patented by IIT Bombay in 2002 as an outcome of research efforts from 1990s to 2000 on Pheretima Elongata GeoPhagus Earthworms and Red Soil as Bio Media.