SusTalk#57 - Built Environment: The Biggest Decarbonization Opportunity

About Rohan

Rohan Parikh is a seasoned and well-known Sustainability-focused Professional and currently engages with the industry as a Sustainability Strategy Consultant. He has been Head of Sustainability for multiple organizations, the most noteworthy being his stint at Infosys Ltd, where he was the spearhead of the drive to maximize the Energy efficiency of the organization’s built assets and their certification. He has a background in Civil Engineering, earning a Ms.Civil Engineering from the prestigious University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His approach to Sustainability has also been very focused on the Built Environment and rightly so, as it is one of the biggest contributors to GHG emissions. We are excited to welcome him to address our community about this pressing matter, and share some insights gained through his unique and impactful journey.