Sustainability Ventures: SusMafia's Sustainable Revolution

5 December 2023

The Birth of a Vision

In the vibrant landscape of climate action, a new beacon has emerged: Sustainability Ventures, a revolutionary program by the Sustainability Mafia. The journey began with a crystal-clear mission — to empower the next generation of change-makers, arming them with tools, mentorship, and unyielding support to transform their sustainable ideas into 100 climate-tech startups within the next three years. This ambitious vision was unveiled during a momentous panel session at the 5th Edition of the ICSE 2023, hosted by the Mobius Foundation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the visionaries behind this initiative, Mr. Pradip Burman and Dr. Ram Boojh, and our esteemed panelists, Prof. Jay Dhariwal, Ms. Sreyashee Das, Prof. Vimal Katiyar, Mr. Tarun Gangwar, and Mr. Sachin Arya. Their unwavering support paved the way for a partnership with BITS Pilani and Masters' Union, solidifying our commitment to fostering sustainable entrepreneurship.

Igniting Innovation: The Mission Ahead

Our mission is clear - to create 100 new climate ventures from leading Indian universities within the next three years. The core belief driving this initiative is that disciplined entrepreneurship can ignite innovation for a sustainable future. We invite universities, investors, donors, and organizations dedicated to sustainability, education, and entrepreneurship to join us on this transformative journey.

This program is not just about creating startups; it's about sowing the seeds of innovation within educational institutions. The goal is to seed these classes with technologies and problem statements, leveraging the expertise of existing entrepreneurs who understand pinpointed issues that require innovative solutions. Inspired by an entrepreneurial course at MIT, Sustainability Ventures has come home to India, ready to revolutionize the way we approach sustainability and entrepreneurship.

SusMafia's Bold Move: Making Sustainability Mainstream

SusMafia, India's largest climate action community of entrepreneurs, is not just a collective voice but the driving force behind the climate startup ecosystem in the country. As founders in the sustainability space, the need for faster growth and solutions to pressing issues is evident. Waiting for change is not an option; instead, SusMafia has decided to be the change.

Introducing Sustainability Ventures, a practitioner-driven breakthrough initiative with one overarching goal — to empower and guide young individuals in starting their sustainable ventures. SusMafia stands as the catalyst in their journey, providing not just theoretical knowledge but real-world insights from experienced entrepreneurs in the field.

Partnerships and Commitments: From Vision to Reality

What started as a concept and vision at SusMafia has quickly transitioned into a reality, thanks to the commitment of leading universities in India. These institutions are not just supportive; they are ready to incorporate Sustainability Ventures into their curriculum, marking a significant step towards mainstreaming sustainability education.

We are kicking things off with partnerships with Masters’ Union and 4 BITS Campuses - 2 institutions very well suited for this revolutionary course. We have and will continue to collaborate deeply with them to enable students to formulate the best business models and set them up for success in the Climate Tech space.

Join the Revolution: A Call to Friends of the Mafia

Climate Action is a collective effort and SusMafia believes sowing the seeds of new ventures is the best way to accelerate efforts to reign in this crisis. To that end we call upon all in the Climate Ecosystem to engage with us to create and enable the best students working to build new ventures in Climate. They will need all types of support including mentorship and funding from the best champions in the space.

We are putting are best foot forward with the Sustainability Ventures program, and we will need all the help we can get. Give us your time as mentors or lecturers, funds to keep the operations going, industry insights to seed the program or commitment to invest in the startups we will enable. There are plenty of avenues to contribute to the newest and most revolutionary Climate Initiative in town!

Conclusion: A Sustainable Future Awaits

In conclusion, Sustainability Ventures is not just a program; it's a movement towards a more sustainable future. SusMafia, in collaboration with leading institutions, is taking a bold step to ensure that sustainability becomes the default choice for everyone. With the countdown to the launch underway, the excitement is building, and the anticipation for the first wave of climate-tech startups is contagious.

Join SusMafia in celebrating Sustainability Ventures — a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to addressing the pressing challenges of our time. The journey has just begun, and the future looks brighter and more sustainable than ever.