Redefining Our Identity: The Journey of SusMafia's Rebrand

13 December 2023

Greetings, SusMafia family and Friends of SusMafia,

Change is the only constant, they say. For us at SusMafia, this adage has manifested itself in a significant transformation – a rebrand that goes beyond aesthetics, marking the dawn of a new era for our community. In this blog, we invite you to delve into the why, how, and what of this journey that has culminated in a refreshed identity, giving you an essence of the Sustainability Mafia.

  1. Why a Rebrand and Why Now?

Our old logo, a relic of the past, no longer resonated with the dynamism and purpose of SusMafia. Our website, while functional, needed a facelift to better communicate our commitment to a sustainable future. As we stood at the intersection of growth and impact, we realized the need for a brand that mirrors our seriousness and determination. With the climate-tech scene in India booming, SusMafia aspired to not only keep pace but also set the tone for leadership in the climate-tech ecosystem. It was the opportune moment to redefine ourselves, sending a clear message of intent and innovation.

  1. The Rebrand Process: A Journey of Thoughtful Evolution

The journey began with introspection. We questioned our current identity and visual language – does it speak to who we are now? To truly encapsulate the spirit of SusMafia, we sought to encapsulate not just the present but the aspirations of our community. Countless brainstorming sessions, consultations, and creative endeavors marked this process, guided by our commitment to a purposeful rebranding.

  1. Major Changes: The Heart of Our Refreshed Identity

The Logo: A Mark of Legacy and Action

Central to our new identity is our logo, a delicately intertwined finger-print. Beyond aesthetics, it symbolizes leaving a lasting impact, akin to a legacy etched in the annals of time. It's a call to action, resonating with our belief that positive change is achieved through thoughtful and innovative solutions.

Colors: Harmony in Diversity

Our colour palette reflects the diversity of our community and the environmental spectrum we champion. Vibrant blues signify trust and stability,  greens evoke growth, harmony and sustainability, orange represents energy and innovation while  purple embodies creativity and leaving a legacy . Together, they weave a narrative of harmony and collaboration and longevity.

Font and Visuals: Clarity and Unity

The chosen font is clean and modern, embodying clarity and a forward-looking perspective. Visuals echo the dynamism of our community, illustrating collaboration at every step – be it investments, mentoring, or fostering talent.

What Changes with SusMafia and What Does Not?
What Changes:
  • A refreshed logo that is a visual manifestation of our commitment to leaving a positive mark on the world.

  • A vibrant color palette that symbolizes diversity and unity within our community.

  • A modern font and visuals that reflect clarity, innovation, and dynamism.

What Does Not Change:
  • Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and positive impact.

  • The collaborative ethos that defines SusMafia – be it investments, mentorship, or talent growth.

Our fun and engaging community spirit, now elevated through a more polished and intentional brand.

In Conclusion: A Call to Action and Legacy

At SusMafia, we view this rebrand not merely as a cosmetic facelift but as a declaration of our intent – to lead, to innovate, and to be the driving force in building the climate-tech ecosystem in the global south. As we invite you to explore our refreshed identity on our [new website](, we encourage you to reflect on this question: If you could leave anything behind, what would you leave?

Join us in this exciting chapter of our journey – a journey that's not just about us but about the collective impact we can create, one sustainable action at a time.

With renewed vigor and a legacy to build,

Team SusMafia