Eco Dispatch #8

11 October 2024

Hey SusFam,

We've had an eventful month with some major reveals and excitement across our programs. Join us to learn more about all that was done to further our vision of making Sustainability the default choice!

The Sustainability Mafia has a new look!

We ended 2023 with a huge announcement - we unveiled the new face of SusMafia— a brand-new identity that mirrors our dynamism, purpose, and unyielding commitment to making sustainability the default choice for everyone.

December 2023: Recap

Sustainability Ventures kick off at BITS

December 1st, 2023

We kicked Sustainability Ventures at all BITS campuses. Our amazing Mafiosos mentors and leading professors of the BITS ecosystem came together for a virtual panel discussion, addressing BITS students about the pressing Climate Crisis and how Climate-Tech startups are the need of the hour.

A stellar session that inspired all BITS students to apply for Sustainability Ventures and be the game changers of now!

The Built Environment: The Biggest Decarbonization Opportunity

November 2nd, 2023 | SusTalk#57

We hosted eminent Sustainability Strategy Consultant Rohan Parikh for SusTalk#58. Our Mafioso Arundhati Sett, Co-Founder of Eco-Collab skilfully moderated the fireside chat, where Rohan shared all his deep insights about the various technologies available to decarbonize to the built environment and the massive monetary and impact opportunity it provides!

Climate Ninja Program

Climate Ninja Cohort 3.0 concluded in October 2023, with hiring continuing into 2024. Till date we have facilitated hiring for 50% of the Cohort and are gunning for 100%.

Our first Cohort at the inaugural SusMafia Student Chapter at TERI SAS also concluded with hiring set to begin soon. Climate Ninja Program is living up to its mission statement - and we’re only just beginning!

Get in touch with us, if you wish to be a Ninja or Clima Sensei, start a Student Chapter, Hire Ninjas or Support the Program!

Tough Tech for Climate Change

December 13th, 2023 | Investado Fireside Chat #11

We welcomed Michael Kearney, General Partner at The Engine Ventures for a Fireside Chat on Capital Markets and Climate Tech. He gave us a sneak peek at how The Engine, one of the best deep-tech VCs was navigating the current capital markets and what their outlook for the ‘Tough Tech’ space.

SCALE: Solving for Climate Action by Leveraging the Ecosystem

December 16th, 2023 | SusTalk#58

Spectrum Impact and Chemtech World Expo are jointly organizing SCALE, an Expo for Global Climate-tech Startups and Industry Stakeholders to form Collaborative partnerships. We hosted Mirik Gogri, Principal at Spectrum Impact for SusTalk#58 where he spoke at length about why Climate Tech Start-ups should be at SCALE.

Member Milestones

DigitalPaani raises $1.2 million

DigitalPaani, co-founded by Mafiosos Mansi Jain, secured $1.2 million in funding from Elemental Excelerator, SAE, DevC, Enzia, Peer Cheque, and Bharat Founders Fund.

Sustainability in the News

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