Eco Dispatch #7

5 December 2023

November 2023 Recap

The most comprehensive COP28 Events tracker

We created a tracker of events in and around COP28, along with Climes, ranging across diverse climate themes, hosts, and formats. It is imperative that all stakeholders are heard, in this Sustainability Transition. We're doing our bit to help people have an impact at the right forums. We need to act and work together now!

JPMC built a tech platform for The Sustainability Mafia!

Over 8 months and multiple iterations, the team of JPMC-Force for Good volunteers built an online platform for the Climate Ninja Program! We will now run and operate all Climate Ninja Cohorts with the help of this and build all our envisioned functionalities on it.

The Climate Ninja Program is going from strength to strength, and we're going to scale up rapidly. If you want to start a Student Chapter at your institute, educate or hire - reach out at and be a part of this incredible growth story!

En-ROADS - A tool that tells the future!

Jason Jay from the MIT Sloan School of Management had the undivided attention of Mafiosos and Investados, as he walked the audience through the comprehensive simulator En-Roads, developed by Climate Interactive, the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, and Ventana Systems.

Through the tool's seamless visual representation, he explained the significance of various Climate Tech solutions and how much they can contribute individually and in combination to restricting global temperature rise. A very interactive, informative and eye-opening session about Climate Tech and a great introduction to a super tool.

SusVentures kicked-off at Master's Union

We kicked off the Environmental Sustainability Ventures Program at Master's Union on November 22nd. We had Mafiosos and Investados on the panel, sharing deep insight into the world of venture building in Climate Tech. The Students were super excited after this event and there's insane hype about the Program. We're right on track to build some quality SusVentures!

Staying true to our character - we’re a community by and for Climate Tech Entrepreneurs

The Sustainability Mafia has had several opportunities to sell its soul, and evolve into a cash cow, but it's not who we are. Since Ganesh’s article and even when we formalized it as a Section-8 not-for-profit, the underlying goal has been to work towards the betterment of this planet, for our sake if nothing else - and the belief was, and is that the best way to do this is to enable Climate Tech Entrepreneurs. Our core audience has and always will be our Mafiosos, because without these adventurous avengers of the planet, Climate Action at scale will cease. 

Member Milestones

S4S Technologies wins the Earthshot!

 S4S Technologies, co-founded by Mafioso Nidhi Pant, was awarded the prestigious Earthshot Prize for its innovative approach to reducing food waste and empowering women farmers!

Zerocircle wins the UNIDO Climate Award!

 Neha Jain and Zerocircle was awarded the prestigious Global #cleantech 2023 UNIDO Climate Award. This recognition was presented at the UNIDO Climate Awards ceremony held in Vienna, Austria.

Orxa Energies revealed the Mantis!

Orxa Energies, co-Founded by Mafioso Ranjita Ravi, announced the launch of the much awaited Mantis performance electric motorcycle! The Mantis has a full aerospace-aluminium grade chassis, making it the lightest motorcycle in its segment.

Fluxgen is awarded Nasscom's Deep Tech Emerge 50!

FluxGen Technologies, founded by Mafioso Ganesh Shankar, has been chosen as one of Nasscom's Deep Tech Emerge 50 Awardees! Massive recognition for Fluxgen Technologies as they save the world one drop of water at a time.