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Why 150?

Firstly, why are we building this tribe?

Because this is the Decade of Sustainability. There's no two ways about it. Pre or post-Covid, our Environment has to be our #1 priority. With increasing frequency however, people are unfortunately milking sustainability as a buzzword and for the cheap sound-byte.

We don't want them. We want the doers. The action takers. The solution providers. Because they're out there. Creating an impact. Moving the needle ever so slightly. To bring our Planet back from the brink. One solution at a time.

This is our tribe and the sort of people the Mafia loves. Across our 36+ themes, we want the best of the best. People who collaborate, people who are generous with their art, and are unapologetically ambitious.

We are giving them a platform for impact:

SusMafia's Impact = Narrative x Leverage


Secondly, why 150 Mafiosos?

Because of the Dunbar Number.

It's absolutely not a hard and fast rule, but we kinda like it :) A tribe of the best 150 sustainability entrepreneurs from across the country is something we can build! It's relatable, and "small enough to do, but big enough to matter".

Any Mafioso should have a personalized experience, and a familiar field for rich, meaningful "collaborations that go somewhere". We believe that a community of 150 superstars, with some curated quarterly churn (to maintain quality and engagement), will provide this rich experience!


Lastly, is that it? Only 150 Mafiosos?

No. We also have our Soldatos. Who we absolutely adore. These are the people on the frontline of "making sustainability their default choice".

The early adopters. The evangelists. The ecosystem protectors. The students. Our best and worst critics. These are the people who will be future leaders and entrepreneurs of sus-solutions on the field themselves!

This is the army we're building.

An army of 100,000


What then, what comes after?

We don't know. But we believe in magic, and we can't wait to find out :)

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