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On consuming conscious clothing

Do you really need to buy that new garment?

  1. Can you mix match what you already have to create a new outfit solution? Example: try that shirt-pant combo you've never worn before! This may even help you discover your own unique style :)

Yes, I need something "new!"

  1. Can you transform something you don't wear into a form that gives more utility? Example: an old saree into a skirt? Can you mend a tear, sew on something else on that tear to give an existing piece a new look? Rafooghar can help you.

  2. Can you borrow something from a friend? Or use an app for it? Can you swap something with your brother? Try Lionise (a clothing rental platform, or This For That (a clothes swapping platform,

  3. Maybe you can try second hand or vintage, here are some options in India: If you slow, Red empress, Kajol Arora - Founder Aurora Creatives collects vintage products.

Nope, I need to buy this!

Here is a list of 10 ethical fashion brands in India that you can look to buy from. This is a personal endorsement, based on my own experience of buying from these brands and sustained interactions with the founders.

  1. Swara – Voice of Women

  2. No Nasties

  3. Bareek

  4. WomenWeave

  5. IroIro

  6. Mrittika

  7. We Are Labeless

  8. Vein Studio

  9. Kosha Travelwear

  10. Dhuri

Two rules of thumb I follow:

1. It's always better to NOT BUY, as long as you buy something, even if from an ethical brand, there is some impact. The most sustainable option is not to buy. First try to see how you can get creative with your existing wardrobe.

2. Some brands rank better on social sustainability, some on environment sustainability and often it may get hard to decide as a consumer and you may not have time to do indepth research, so just follow this broad rule wherever you purchase from: buy less, of good quality and make it last.

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