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Fueling the engine of the world’s sustainability solutions


For humans to start believing in scientific knowledge and advice...

For us to realize that delay in action is deadly...

For us to show solidarity and Act Now towards cleaning up the mess we made...

asks the Coronavirus as it casts cold shadows on our lives and those of our loved ones.

The same questions hold true for our climate emergency.

South Korea has answered YES, having elected a President to implement a Green New Deal.

Europe is answering YES, declaring the green agenda as a security priority, and with 180 CEOs, politicians and lawmakers releasing a joint letter asking for green investment to restart growth after the pandemic, focusing on climate change and promoting biodiversity.

As home to most of the world’s sustainability problems with 21 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, what is going to be India’s response? Are we going to sit and wait for our governments, business leaders and celebrities to act and show us the way? Or, are we going to lead the way by starting to make wise choices every day in what we consume, what we work on and how we live?

We have a rare opportunity to reimagine and define a new future. One where India is the engine of the world’s sustainability solutions, and we are the fuel.

Do your bit.


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